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Ojas Blend offers the maximum expression of healthy, tasty and conscience indulgence. We’re an efficient on-demand health conscious restaurant that offers delicious, customizable and nutritional meals for those who need the perfect balance between taste, health and timeliness.

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+1 (604) 564-1414
88 W, Pender St #2011, Vancouver - V6B 6N9
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Why with Ojas Blend?

Ojas means Vigor, which is physical strength and good health. Healthy living starts from healthy eating. Unfortunately, we pay so much for the tasty restaurant food that eventually affects our health and makes us prone to diseases due to low immunity levels.

Based on this thought, we launched Ojas Blend to serve not only healthy but fresh, organic and tasty bowls. Our motive is to strengthen immunity, which is the seed of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, we chose to serve food in bowls based on the fast lifestyle, where one can grab a bowl while rushing to the destination.

Our promise

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Our Mission

To serve healthy and fresh food while maintaining a flavorful taste. Providing variety which suits every palate.

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Our Vision

To promote accessibility for ready, customizable, and healthy on-the-go meals. With this foresight, we have to reach every corner of the world, encourage healthy eating, and energize people while following a healthy lifestyle.

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Our Growth

For us, growth means the well-being of our society. It’s about creating awareness and serving the maximum number of people each day. We promote our digital channels to spread knowledge regarding a healthy lifestyle while providing food at a reasonable cost. In addition, we help disadvantaged sections of our society through charity, one bill one dollar to welfare groups.

We're obsessed with making Canada eat healthy, every day!

The name Ojas translates to Vigor. Our goal is to increase and protect this primal source of strength bringing to your table organic, locally farmed and fresh ingredients of the highest quality.

Ojas Blend’s vision is to promote accessibility for ready, customizable, and healthy on-the-go meals. For us, it is essential to support your nutritional needs, as well as take you on a unique journey of flavours with every bite.

We’re evolving daily, but what stays the same is our mission to connect
with communities.
Want to know how we do it?

Our roots

We started our journey with a 100% customizable online meal prep plan delivered at your doorstep -Fit Munkey’s- where our main goal is to support people with special dietary restrictions or fitness goals. Ojas Blend is now the face of our kitchen offering you the same quality ingredients with a fun twist so you can enjoy healthy meals at home or on-the-go.

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We believe in kindness