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Ojas Blend offers the maximum expression of healthy, tasty and conscience indulgence. We’re an efficient on-demand health conscious restaurant that offers delicious, customizable and nutritional meals for those who need the perfect balance between taste, health and timeliness.

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+1 (604) 564-1414
88 W, Pender St #2011, Vancouver - V6B 6N9
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Our Commitments

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1 Bill = 1 Dollar goes to Charity.

Giving is a privilege, not a duty.

At Ojas Blend, we believe in “Success through Goodness”. For every bill we generate, a dollar is donated to our local charities. We make an impact and foster prosperity thanks to your contribution.

Promote inclusive economic growth.

Supporting local farmers of British Columbia.

All of the ingredients we use come from local farmers in British Columbia. We ensure that economic opportunities are inclusive – for every community, urban or rural, every company – small or large, and every individual. When each of us succeeds, we all succeed.

Nobody should sleep hungry.

Making sure Canada eats.

While our goal is to make Canada eat healthy, we are aware that many go to bed without food. We believe in serving free meals to those in need. At our work, we believe in the art of giving and providing the necessary support to our staff and delivery drivers.