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Ojas Blend offers the maximum expression of healthy, tasty and conscience indulgence. We’re an efficient on-demand health conscious restaurant that offers delicious, customizable and nutritional meals for those who need the perfect balance between taste, health and timeliness.

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+1 (604) 564-1414
88 W, Pender St #2011, Vancouver - V6B 6N9
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Ojas Catering Services

Ojas Blend was founded by chefs Himanshu and Ankit in 2021 after working in the hospitality industry for over 15 years. They craved tasty and healthy food, so they made it happen!

Ojas Blend’s unique flavour profile reflects their 30 years of combined experience. With Indian-inspired flavours and locally sourced ingredients, our food is one of a kind. But not only that, we can tailor our catering services to your event requirements.


We deliver ready-to-eat meals to the location of your choice within the greater Vancouver area.*


Give the Gift of Ojas

Indulge in culinary delights with this Ojas Food Voucher, a token of affection. Enjoy the flavors and moments it brings!

Our Ojas Blend menu is a starting point for our catering services. We can extend or accommodate any menu request.

We are allergy-conscious and will accommodate any dietary preferences or restrictions. All our food will be made with organic and locally sourced ingredients.

    This is why we are dedicated to supporting the community of local markets

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