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Ojas Blend offers the maximum expression of healthy, tasty and conscience indulgence. We’re an efficient on-demand health conscious restaurant that offers delicious, customizable and nutritional meals for those who need the perfect balance between taste, health and timeliness.

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+1 (604) 564-1414
88 W, Pender St #2011, Vancouver - V6B 6N9
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Contactless packing

We’re all gloved up to make sure that your food is packed with extra care and safety in sterile food safe packaging

Daily temperature check

Our employees go through temperature checks every day before the start of the day

Face masks for every employee

Mask are mandatory for all staff. We care about keeping our community safe as much as you do.

Sanitizers at the entrance

Staff and vendors must wash and sanitize their hands before entering our space

Social distancing markers

In order to ensure social distancing, we have 6 feet apart markers so our guest can keep a safety distance

Food guidelines

Our kitchen strictly adheres to the food guidelines as laid down by Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection agency (CFIA).